Celebrex and Bextra Class Action Settlement Paid

Bextra is off the market

Celebrex is still sold with warnings


Celebrex, Vioxx and Bextra were similar class popular anti inflammatory prescription drugs until late in 2004. Vioxx was recalled by the manufacturer Merck over 10 years ago with the Bextra recall soon after. The prescription drug Celebrex is still sold and used by people today but with strong risk warnings. Both Bextra and Celebrex are products of the drug company Pfizer and are both included in the same class action.

Class action claims related to all three of these prescription drugs have settled. The deadline for submitting claims for settlement of the class action in Canada for Pfizer’s drugs Celebrex and Bextra was December 22, 2012. We continue to hear from potential new clients in regard to Celebrex but we can not do anything for people who did not have claims submitted by the deadline.  We are acting for some claimants for Celebrex and Bextra, although most of our clients with similar claims relate to the drug Vioxx manufactured by Merck.  All 3 of these drugs are Cox-2 inhibitors which are a specific form of non steroidal anti inflammatory drug which is believed to have the effect of increasing the risk of users to have heart attacks or strokes.

We submitted claims on behalf of our Bextra and Celebrex clients.  We understand that there have been 209 approved claims in total.   Since the deadline has passed for further claims we have received claim assessments for all of our clients. The assessments we have on Bextra are good and our clients are pleased with them.  Actual payments will be 34.76746% of the assessed amount  or just over 40% for claims given the maximum assessment.  Letters from the class action administrator are expected for each claim saying how much will be paid and confirming information for purposes of payment.  Funds were received by our office on March 12, 2015. The individual payments had to be approved by the court in Quebec for Quebec and in Ontario for the rest of Canada before they could be made.

For the Vioxx claims following finalization of the settlement approval which allowed claims to be filed until August 2013 there are an estimated 1200 Vioxx claims that were submitted.  Our firm represents a substantial number of the people with Vioxx claims.  The Vioxx recall received considerable publicity with many Vioxx users being switched to Celebrex after. The Vioxx claims was fought hard by Merck and had a much higher profile than the case related to Celebrex and Bextra.  Pfizer has been far more co-operative in dealing with claims and a settlement in Canada was reached about a year earlier with more generous terms to the settlement.  The amount paid out on all claims is just under $5,000,000 to be divided between all approved claims proportionately.  Claims were paid out at less than 35% of the full assessment and just over 40% for the claims assessed at the $100,000 maximum.   Additional to this 170 of the claims have been approved for payment of expenses related to the cost of medical records needed to prove the claims.  The additional amounts as well were paid out at the same percentage of the total amount.  For example if medical records cost $100 the expense partially repaid is $34.76.  There is also some reimbursement for the cost of the medication.

The Bextra Celebrex status of slow processing of a much smaller number of claims is a definite indicator that it may be some time before Vioxx claims are actually paid. We are now thinking we will not see any payments on Vioxx until mid to late 2016.   Payment of Vioxx claims will not take place until all of the claims have been assessed which was to be complete by the end of May 2015 but it not.  Payment is then made “pro-rata” based on a division of the total funds available for the settlement.  Fortunately it is expected that there will be interim payments on Vioxx which there were not on Bextra and Celebrex.


  • Clair says:

    Could you translate into an expected guess what “some time before Vioxx claims are actually paid” really means? One month one year, two years or more.

    • admin says:

      We are still hoping to see claims start getting paid by the end of this calendar year. Current expectations from the class action lawyers are that people can begin to submit claims in April 2013. There will be 4 months open for claims to be submitted and then they will be assessed after August. If that happens it is likely that payments will be made next Winter.

  • Herb says:

    I was just reading your article about the low number of claims (200) from Celebrex and Bextra users and wanted to mention that I’m one of the likely many people out there that had a TIA while on Bextra and life just went on after. I just dealt with paying a lot more for my business life insurance and the paranoia and fear surrounding the incident. I’m just glad my TIA could be – at least in theory – attributed to something specific and that I’m fine since I’ve been off COX 2 inhibitors. Sincerely, “the silent majority”

  • Ann says:

    I am awaiting payment under the Bextra Celebrex settlement. I had a heart attack and as with the previous poster pay high travel insurance premiums and worry about my future health. I was told Collectiva is reviewing 3000 claims and not all Notices of Determination have been mailed. There was no indication of claims being paid any time soon. Just wondering if you have any further information. Would like to receive this payment during my lifetime!!

    • admin says:

      We are told there are 300 not 3000 claims for Celebrex and Bextra combined. We have had assessments for most of our clients but not seen any payments yet. We have heard very little lately and the assessments we got back were clear cases that were assessed months ago. Hopefully the Vioxx assessment of claims will be quicker but there will be more claims filed so it may be slower.

      • Ety says:

        Who do we specifically write to, to complain about this? There is no way I am going to let my Dad die an early death due to the subsequent heart failure that effects nearly all heart attack survivors. There is no way he should have had a heart attack in his early 40s. Now his health is nowhere near it should be.I am going to fight this. Do you have an address? I want this to go before the courts. My Dad’s voice should be heard. I am tired of Canadians laying down.

  • jim pendergast says:

    i too am awaiting feedback/confirmation back from celebrex/bextra claim, I had an MI and took both and sent everything in to collectiva and it has been passed on.

    • Rahul says:

      Brigette, Aneurysm is not included in the Vioxx seetltment so a claim can not be made for that. The person must be using Vioxx at or just before a heart attack or stroke to qualify for compensation. If your brother had paperwork related to a possible Vioxx claim maybe he did have a heart attack or stroke earlier when he was using the drug. You may know this or you may have to investigate his health history and see if the paperwork related to Vioxx may have more details or information about him contacting a lawyer earlier.

  • Ann says:

    Have you received any payments for your clients on the Celebrex settlement yet? I received approval for my claim in February.

    • Jim Pendergast says:

      I have not received approval for my claim yet

    • admin says:

      We have not received any recent approvals or other responses to outstanding claims and no payment has been received on any claim yet.

      • Ann says:

        For your information, I called Collectiva on July 15th and they are still submitting appeals to the Judge for determination. No monies will be paid until all appeals have been reviewed by the Judge and a Decision rendered. There was no indication of how many claims are being appealed. I heard the word “year” which is very frustrating.

        • admin says:

          Thanks Ann for that information. Not only are there appeals to be heard but some Celebrex and Bextra claims still are not assessed yet and more appeals after that are possible too. Nobody will be paid anything until all claims are fully determined. We will have to keep waiting for quite a while.

          • Jenny says:

            any update since July? My husband’s claim was approved back in March – what do you think is the likelihood we will see anything before end of year?

  • Corrina says:

    I am happy that those of you have taken the meds have survived, unfortunately my dad wasn’t lucky that way, truly the silent minority. I hope this gets paid out soon, doesn’t replace his life but definitely deserved to his estate.

  • Ann says:

    I followed up with Collectiva in early October. Matters are still before the Courts and payments are not expected before the end of this year.

  • Rebecca says:

    Any new developments? The last notice that I received was to expect the settlement in “late spring 2013”!

    • admin says:

      We believe we are close to payment of the Celebrex and Bextra claims and it could happen at any time. All of our clients’ claims have been assessed so we do know the amounts that will be paid. We will post an update when the first funds are received.

  • Jenny says:

    What is the process for payment – will there be more forms to fill out, or will they simply mail a cheque?

  • Jenn says:

    My husband just spoke with someone at Collectiva. there is one last batch of 20 appeals that are with the judge now for ruling. Once those results are in, payments will be made.

  • jim says:

    I was denied (in French!) and it took 2 months to get it changed to English (just saying I did not qualify), now waiting my appeal (I meet every criteria).

  • Richard D Lalonde says:

    Is there any Bextra update to post yet ?

  • Wayne Herrod says:

    have you any up dates?

  • Richard D says:

    How close are we now???

  • Ann says:

    Any new developments in this settlement? Do you know what Court is reviewing disputed assessments? It seems to be taking an extreme amount of time to review the number of appeals.

  • Ann says:

    For your info, I was told 26 appeals before the Judge as of Mar 31, 2014 and they were expecting an answer soon. Just wondered if the Judge’s ruling ends any further appeal?

  • Wayne Herrod says:

    Has anyone heard of when they might pay the settlement???

  • Ann says:

    Collectiva confirming contact info. Payments will be sent registered mail. A letter will be mailed before the cheque.

  • Richard D Lalonde says:

    Xmas is coming!

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