Pharmacy Errors

Miskin Law Office represents individuals in Ontario who have suffered as a result of pharmacy errors in dispensing drugs.  For this type of claim legal action would be taken against your local pharmacy in your Province’s own court and if you are outside of Ontario we are unable to represent you.  We may be able to find you the right lawyer and so do not hesitate to contact us even if you are not in Ontario.  Some people have been greatly harmed by getting the wrong prescription at the pharmacy or the right prescription with the wrong dosage.  These errors are more common than anyone could imagine.  It is important to check all prescriptions you receive to make sure they are the correct ones for you before using the medication. Usually the mistake is caught or the wrong medication does not cause a serious problem.  When there is serious harm Miskin Law is there to get you compensation for what the pharmacy error has done to you.  Please retain as evidence all improperly given medications, bottles, labels and product information for our review.  DO NOT GIVE THEM BACK TO THE PHARMACY.

Miskin Law is very experienced with pharmacy error claims and would be happy to review your situation and advise you on your legal remedies.  Some of our clients’ claims have been subject to news stories including on CBC’s Marketplace and CITY TV’s The Inside Story.  One of our clients started a Facebook Page for Victims of Pharmacy Errors.  We encourage you to visit and “Like” that page.

When we take a case we usually do so with a “contingency fee” which means you do not pay us until and unless you get compensation.  A case can only succeed where there are significant damages from the pharmacy error.  Call us today for a free consultation by phone, email or in person.  If the results of the pharmacy error are serious harm to the patient we will be very interested in your case.  Where the error does not result in harm it should be reported but a legal case would not likely follow.  By reporting even small errors you may be helping prevent other more serious or even fatal errors.

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