The Best Lawyers in Peterborough, Ontario, for Personal Injury and Drug Settlement Law

If you have been hurt due to no fault of your own, you shouldn’t have to pay for things such as doctor bills, lost wages or property damage. Whether it’s a prescription medication situation, part of a pharmaceutical class action lawsuit or an auto injury case, call the best-in-class lawyers at Miskin Law in Peterborough, Ontario, for the outcome you deserve.

At Miskin Law, we believe in keeping people and organizations responsible and accountable by requiring fair settlements. This may include companies that are responsible for accidents in the workplace, drunken or reckless drivers who cause vehicle accidents, pharmaceutical corporations that put improperly tested medications on the market or even companies that caused asbestos-related mesothelioma.

Asbestos and Prescription Drugs Settlements

Our personal injury lawyers work for claimants in all of Ontario and Canada, including Peterborough. We are the only local lawyers who apply directly for class action claims and trust funds set up for that purpose. We can also help you apply for settlements from medication-related class action settlements based in the United States. We have 30 years’ experience, and you can count on our professional team.

With Miskin Law, you could get what you deserve without filing a lawsuit. You won’t have to pay us unless you receive settlement funds. If we do help you win in your claim, we charge a set percentage, that includes sales tax.

Lawsuits for Auto Wrecks

We pay a lot of money to insurers during our lives, and when problems occur we rely on them to be responsible. If you have been in a crash, we should hold insurers responsible for at least part of the costs. We recommend that you get medical care even if you don’t seem hurt, and it’s in your best interest to see a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can.

Our Peterborough lawyers can also help with accidents that caused deaths, and we have a lot of experience about these unfortunate events following many kinds of accidents.

See Us at No Cost

When you are injured from work, from an auto accident, or from a prescription drug, we know you have a lot of stress and worry to deal with. Our lawyers are available to talk with you for a no-charge meeting, and we will make sure you understand all your options. Give our Peterborough personal injury lawyers a call today.

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