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In the Durham Region, Peterborough, and the Kawarthas in Ontario, there are few practising local lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced in personal injury law to represent people making claims against insurance companies. One of them is Murray Miskin, who has extensive jury and other trial experience going back to 1981. Murray Miskin is a lawyer who can advise people in the confusing and competitive world of personal injury insurance legal claims. Miskin Law has offices in Whitby and Peterborough. He has served these and the surrounding communities for many years. Miskin Law is unique in having a law practice serving all of Canada and not just the local area and Province. In April 2016 lawyer Geoffrey Duckworth who practiced personal injury law in Alberta for several years joined the Miskin Law Firm where he is now part of our national and local personal injury practice.

Insurance law related to motor vehicle accidents in Ontario has grown more complicated over the years, and not many lawyers actually based in the area have as much personal injury experience as Murray Miskin. Since graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1979 Murray Miskin has worked exclusively for persons making claims against insurance companies.  That commitment to helping people who are fighting against big companies and experience is put to use in mediation of personal injury cases and representing clients in cases. The Miskin Law Firm works on national cases and accepts clients from all Canadian Provinces and Territories. When a person suffers an injury that causes harm, pain and suffering, financial losses, or the death of a loved one, it is hard to know where to turn.  Some lawyers who used to work for insurance companies have gone over to working against the insurers by doing work for accident victims.  Which lawyer really is on your side? We will help you find the way to the best representation.

How Do You Find the Right Lawyer?

Many Toronto-based law firms claim to be the biggest, best, the toughest, most experienced, and even the most compassionate to fight for you. Any lawyer can advertise or establish an Internet presence that creates the impression that they are the only one for you. Now many are posting dollar amounts recovered for clients to create an impression that if you hire them, you too will get rich. Who can you trust? You can get a referral from someone you know, who has had a positive firsthand experience. Of course, many referrals are based on gossip, exaggerated success stories and partial information, so do be careful when someone says they heard a certain lawyer is the best for any type of case.

The Miskin Law Office is here to help you. We do not try to compete with the big advertisers for motor vehicle accident injury claims, as there are firms with far bigger ad budgets. We do market nationally so that people across Canada are aware of our unique services (such as asbestos compensation) which they can not get locally. We are on your side and we do have the skill and the experience it takes to assess a personal injury claim and decide how best to proceed.

Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, and Other Asbestos-Related Illness

Sometimes bodily damage takes years or even decades to show up. In the case of diseases from asbestos exposure, such as mesothelioma and some lung cancers, you may not know you have suffered at the hands of others until long after the fact. Murray Miskin is highly familiar with these cases and can walk you through the steps to track down what companies and products are at fault for your condition, and get you the best possible compensation, often without ever going to court.

Alternatives to Trial

Murray Miskin has worked mainly on personal injury cases in his 35 years legal career, and he has considerable trial experience. It can take years to get to trial, with much risk and expense involved. Murray’s focus is on resolving claims sooner where possible through negotiation or mediation. We also handle a number of specialized claims on a national basis related to dangerous products such as asbestos and some prescription drugs class actions such as Vioxx, Lipitor, Yaz and Yasmin.

We will usually handle an injury claim by ourselves, but sometimes when help is needed to make the case stronger, we will work with a reputable bigger firm with resources that we need. In these cases, the legal fees are shared and do not increase for the client. If you have a good claim, law firms will compete to handle it on a contingency fee basis. That means that you do not pay the lawyer unless they get you money. They then take an agreed-upon percentage of the recovery for the work done.

Free Initial Consultation

When you have an injury claim, call Miskin Law first for honest advice that comes from many years of high level experience. We do not charge for a first meeting, and there is no obligation to proceed with us or to take our advice. When we represent you, we will keep your information confidential and not reveal publicly how much money you may get in a settlement. Murray Miskin’s office in Peterborough or Whitby may be local to you, and you will be comfortable coming in and dealing with our firm. Parking is always free. If we are not local to you, we will still carry on email correspondence to sort out your issues and needs and talk to you on the phone. With a very serious claim involving injury that limits your ability to travel, we will come to you. We explain in detail how the system works and take the mystery out of the legal and insurance system.

Call or email us with your enquiry, and we promise to do our best to help. When calling, press 1 to speak directly with Murray Miskin, or press 4 to speak with Linda, our personal injury law clerk. For asbestos cases, speak with Murray Miskin.

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