Personal Injury and Drug Settlement Lawyers in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

If you have been hurt on the job, while driving, or by medications, you are already suffering. You shouldn’t have to pay for accidents caused by others in addition to suffering the pain and disability they caused. Our top personal injury lawyers can help you with a variety of personal claims and can help US-based prescription drug settlements.

At Miskin Law, we believe in keeping people and organizations responsible and accountable by fighting for fair settlements. This may include companies that are responsible for accidents in the workplace, irresponsible drivers who cause car accidents, pharmaceutical corporations that put unsafe medications out or even companies that caused asbestos-related mesothelioma.

Class Action Lawsuits for Asbestos and Medications

With our lawyers on your side, you could get the money you are owed without fighting a court battle. And you will not pay us unless you receive what you’re due. If we do help you win in your settlement claim, we charge a set percentage, including taxes.

Our personal injury lawyers provide service to all of Ontario and Canada, including Kawartha Lakes. We are the only Canadian lawyers who apply directly for class action claims and trust funds set up for settlements. We can also assist you in applications for funds from medical class action settlements from in the United States. We have 30 years’ experience, and you can count on our expert lawyers. We are committed to getting you the best possible outcome.

Auto Accident Injury Claims

We pay thousands of dollars to insurers during our lives, and when issues arise we depend on them to be responsible. If you have been in an accident, we should hold insurance companies accountable. We highly recommend that you see a healthcare provider even if you don’t have pain and discomfort, and we recommend getting a personal injury lawyer to help you get the cash you need for expensive medical costs.

Our Kawartha Lakes lawyers can also help with estates and after-life costs, and we have a lot of experience about these matters following many kinds of accidents.

First Consultation Complimentary

If you are dealing with an injury while at work, while driving, or while taking prescribed medications, we know you have a lot on your mind. We are available to talk with you for a complimentary consultation and we would be happy to meet with you at our Peterborough main office.  We will make sure you understand all your options before you decide how to proceed. Give our Kawartha Lakes injury lawyers a call today at 705-755-7363.

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