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Welcome to adrworks.com which has been the website of the Miskin Law Office and law firm since 1997.  Our website name is a message to use Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR where possible to resolve disputes.  ADR Works! We encourage processes like Mediation and Arbitration over court but we do go to court too.  The Miskin Law firm is a leader in personal injury and insurance law.  Originally the adrworks site focused on both the Miskin Law Office and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Now this website is specifically dedicated to the law firm and its work.  We separately operate a number of Alternative Dispute Resolution focused web sites with our main ADR site being adrworks.ca

Miskin Law Offices is owned by Murray H. Miskin, an Ontario lawyer with 35 years experience. Murray Miskin graduated from Trent University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Osgoode Hall Law School in 1979 with an LL.B (later converted to a Juris Doctor (JD) degree).  He was called to the Bar in April 1981 at age 25. He worked with two prominent Toronto law firms specialized in personal injury for 3 years each, until 1985 before relocating to Whitby.  Murray Miskin worked in association with David Gillespie, a lawyer in Whitby for 3 years before opening his own office in the historic Old Whitby Library in April 1988.  In addition to the main office in Whitby, Miskin Law had branch offices in Toronto and Peterborough.  The law firm includes associate Geoffrey Duckworth who handles commercial and personal injury litigation including work on class actions. Geoffrey is also a member of the Alberta Bar and handles Alberta injury claims and commercial litigation. We have a local Calgary phone number which is 403-879-2595.

The Miskin Law Office is now open by appointment only in downtown Whitby as our staff are working from our Peterborough location.  Since 2012 the main office has been the Peterborough office, located in the historic former Western Clock (Westclox) factory near the Lift Lock, which was converted to professional offices after the clock factory closed.  We are providing local law firm legal services but also have a national focus on Asbestos (Mesothelioma) and drug injury claims.  We have an informational website on asbestos and mesothelioma which is asbestosfacts.ca  We had a Whitby based real estate practice which was discontinued in late 2012.   Murray Miskin and Geoffrey Duckworth continue to meet clients at the Whitby office by appointments, which are usually available two or more days each week.  Murray Miskin prepares Wills and Powers of Attorney, and handle estates assisted by legal assistant Shannon Madill. Murray Miskin continues to work on personal injury claims.   Solomea Young, an experienced asbestos claim law clerk in Chicago, works for us full-time,  remotely from her home exclusively on asbestos mesothelioma compensation cases.  When calling our office press 2 to reach Solomea who is our primary intake person for asbestos mesothelioma claims. Student-At-Law Daniel Miskin is co-ordinating asbestos files from our Peterborough office. Other personal injury and civil litigation work is done by our now senior law clerk Linda Schweigler.  Linda came to us from a Toronto personal injury law firm and started work in our Peterborough office in September 2014.  Linda is in charge of civil litigation primarily general personal injury claims including motor vehicle accident and fall injuries.  Linda is also working on asbestos claims and handles personal injury new client intake.  When calling our office press 4 to speak with Linda. Our primary area of work now is getting compensation for Canadians with asbestos related diseases such as Mesothelioma.  Following settlement of the class action, we have completed work on getting compensation for persons injured by the drug Vioxx in the summer of 2016, with related Celebrex and Bextra claims having been paid in early 2015.  The Miskin law firm continues to take on new clients for the class action against Bayer related to the birth control pill known as Yaz or Yasmin which has a number of dangerous side effects for some people.  That claim was certified as a class action by the court in Ontario but it is progressing very slowly.  We are also working on new drug cases including ovarian cancer from talcum powder, Lipitor (and other statin drugs including Crestor) plus Invokana and Xarelto.   Legal Assistant Shannon Madill is now handling Wills and Estates after coming to our firm from a law firm in Lindsay.  Shannon is also working on Class Action and ADR matters including mediation, arbitration and the Murray Miskin arbitration course.  Daniel Miskin is the son of Murray Miskin and is a 2015 LL.B. graduate from the University of Southampton Law School in England who is qualified to be a lawyer in Canada and is now working in the process of gaining admission to the Ontario Bar.  Daniel works on a variety of matters including asbestos product and workplace research.  Daniel’s wife Tao, who is from Thailand, has a Masters Degree from Southampton in Marketing and is assisting the firm as well with marketing and accounting.  Mary Hauraney is our part-time bookkeeper.

Geoffrey Duckworth who has both an LL.B. and LL.M. degree from Osgoode Hall Law School joined the firm in April 2016.  Geoffrey, who practices in personal injury and commercial litigation is a member of the Ontario Bar since 2007 and the Alberta Bar since 2008.

Call the Miskin law firm at a local or national toll free number as shown on our contact info page, or email: miskinlaw@yahoo.com with enquiries.

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  • Susan Rhynas says:

    Hi. I work for an unionized company that fail to transfer me to Pterborough according to our contract. I followed proper grievance procedure starting back in May ’07 and that 5 year anniversary is approaching. I’ve been advised that a settlement is eminent, however I’ve been advised of this often over the last 3 years. Might your services be of assistance to me? Or might you be able to direct me to a firm that could.
    Thank you
    Susan Rhynas

    • admin says:

      Susan, When you are in a union on a contract all of your rights are through the contract with the union representing you. For your grievance you can not have your own lawyer represent you. Hopefully the union will get it resolved soon.

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